Having a child be charged with a juvenile offense is stressful and overwhelming for any parent, as it can have a significant impact on your child’s future. Plus, the laws surrounding juvenile proceedings can be complicated and confusing. However, a qualified juvenile attorney can help you navigate the juvenile justice system by explaining how these laws apply in your child’s case as well as prepare you and your child’s defense and present it in court.


At Jubelirer Law, we have many years of experience defending minors in the state of Pennsylvania, focusing primarily on the defense of juvenile crimes and representation of students at school disciplinary hearings. We strive to give your child the best possible chance in court and we have a history of securing successful outcomes in juvenile defense cases.

How are Juvenile Offenses Different from Adult Criminal Offenses in Pennsylvania?

When a minor is accused of a crime in the state of Pennsylvania, they will typically be tried in juvenile court. Juvenile court differs from adult court considerably. Instead of facing hefty fines or imprisonment after of a conviction, juveniles convicted of crimes face much lighter punishments that range from verbal warnings to time in a juvenile detention center.


Even though the punishments for juvenile offenses are not as severe as the consequences for a conviction as an adult, juvenile convictions can still affect a child’s life negatively. Not only will they face an immediate punishment from the court, but the offense will also be included on a permanent record that, without expungement, follows the child into adulthood. For this reason, the Jubelirer Law team will do everything we can to avoid convictions in juvenile court.

Myself or a loved one has been arrested for a criminal offense. Now what?


I have known Mrs. Jubelirer personally for over 15 years. I knew that she practiced law and was never in need of a lawyer until my son at the age of 16 was wrongfully charged with a crime he did not commit. First, I consulted with Mrs. Jubelirer just to get some guidance on our situation and she was more than helpful. I then hired her to be our Attorney and she worked very diligently to make sure that the law was being followed and the case against my son was fairly judged. The legal process took over 9 months and Mrs. Jubelirer always kept me and my son up to date on all issues and court dates. She was very fair and reasonable with payment also. At the end of it all my son was found not guilty of his charge due to her hard work and stating the facts of the law statutes. I hope that I will not need Mrs. Jubelirer services again but if I did, I would most definitely hire her in a heartbeat.

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