Laurie Jubelirer believes that everyone is entitled to the same civil rights and is passionate about protecting the rights of her clients. Laurie works hard to ensure that her clients’ rights are protected and, if they are infringed upon, she takes the necessary steps to fight for justice.


Jubelirer Law has successfully resolved a variety of civil rights cases involving the following:

Laurie always takes a proactive approach when handling civil rights cases, serving not only as a legal representative, but also as an educator, informing clients of what they can expect in court. Laurie has an excellent reputation throughout the Philadelphia region due to her commitment to justice and her ability to secure fair compensation for her clients.

Police Officer & Prison Guard Misconduct

Police officers and prison guards perform an essential service for the community but sometimes these law enforcement officials step out of line and violate the rights of those they are meant to protect. When this occurs, it’s important for victims of law enforcement misconduct to get in touch with a trustworthy civil rights attorney who can help them hold perpetrators accountable, while also securing remuneration for pain and suffering.

Myself or a loved one has been arrested for a criminal offense. Now what?


Excellent Attorney

Mrs. Jubelirer is the best attorney I have ever dealt with. She is kind and very caring, very intelligent and hard worker. Mrs. Jubelirer works closely with her clients, and she puts in a lot of time and effort. If I could I would recommend Mrs. Jubelirer to everyone because that's how excellent of an attorney she is.

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