Dennis Cangiarella is a legal assistant at Jubelirer Law who practices with the highest level of expertise and empathy based on his own lived experience. A self-made legal professional, he taught himself the law while serving a 15-year prison sentence, where his studies resulted in a reduction in his own sentence. Despite being treated unfairly by the criminal justice system, Dennis saw this injustice as a motivation rather than a limitation. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping other incarcerated individuals find justice, sharing lessons learned from his long, successful journey to self-discovery during his time served. He now describes his life and confidence as a law professional as more than he could have dreamed of. A model figure of persistence, passion, and professionalism, Dennis’s extraordinary experiences and immense knowledge of the law make him an invaluable asset to the Jubelirer Law team.


Dennis’s passion for the law and justice also led him to create Second Justice, a nonprofit that raises money for the legal fees of those who are wrongfully convicted or do not have the resources to help their case.


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